The Lounge Room Confabulators
South Terrace, Wed Feb 29
The Bat And The Dove: A Love Story is just one of the brief tales the Confabulators will bring to your lounge room. Touching, macabre, humorous and absurd, these tales are a joy. The Confabulators are Anderson and Finn, twin brothers who are orphaned and destitute and they warn you up front that they tell short tales with shit endings. The endings often catch you by surprise, but they are never shit. Told in story and song, with quirky props from decades past, the stories wind in and out of each other with characters that pop up then disappear only to reappear and (often) meet a grisly end. The Lounge Room Confabulators are sold out, but if you can bribe your way into someone’s lounge room to catch them you will be entertained, delighted, charmed and provoked, in the best possible way. My pick of the Fringe so far.
Final Word: Unmissable!
Lynette Washington
The Lounge Room Confabulators perform in your lounge room until Sun Mar 4.

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