2 – 6 February 7.30pm (SOLD OUT)
(SHOWS ADDED) 2 – 6 February 9.30pm 
Your Lounge Room
Origin: Victoria/UK
For audiences 15+
Award-winning, internationally acclaimed theatre performed at home for the most exclusive audience in town – you and your guests. Upon invitation, two ragtag ramblers will amble to your residence with a suitcase filled with stories. They will knock on your door, wipe their feet, and unfold an unfounded fable.
“As dazzling a piece of theatre you could hope to find in this town.” The Herald Sun
“A rare treat.” The Age

To arrange a show in your home sweet home:
1.  Check your house is within the Confabulating Range*.
2.  Choose a date and book the ticket, this ticket covers you and up to 10 friends.
3.  Upon confirmation we will be in touch with further details.
4.  In this correspondence you can let us know if you’d like to invite more people. We’ll share with you a codeword so each extra ticket can be purchased through Fringe World. You’ll be able to add new people up to the day of your show.
5.  Shine your shoes and brush your hair/teeth.\

*The Confabulating Range
Our ragtag ramblers can only go so far, so before booking the show please make sure your lounge room is in one of the following suburbs:
Bayswater, Burswood, Carlisle, Churchlands, Como, Crawley, Daglish, East Perth, East Victoria Park, Highgate, Inglewood, Lathlain, Leederville, Maylands, Menora, Mount Hawthorn, Mount Lawley, North Perth, Perth, Rivervale, Shenton Park, South Perth, Subiaco, Victoria Park, Wembley, West Perth



The Lounge Room Confabulators - London

Image: Lachlan Woods
Enjoy critically acclaimed, multi award winning Australian theatre in the saccharine surrounds of your London living room, parlour, patio or pantry (we might not all fit in your pantry, it would need to quite big for a pantry. Chances are your pantry won’t be the best place to be honest. But maybe?).

Winner of the Underbelly Edinburgh Award at Adelaide Fringe.

Winner of the Adelaide Fringe Award at Melbourne Fringe.


The List (UK)

"Masters of their craft"
Metro (UK)

"Utterly original… the narrative ingenuity behind this performance – infinitely clever, insidious and beguiling – is a rare treat"

The Age (AUS)

Their suitcase heaving with song and story, Anderson and Fin have survived unnameable places and unspeakable events. Devoted and destitute, The Lounge Room Confabulators are yearning to ply their trade and sing for their supper (cash).

To book this delightfully silly, sad and splendid show in three sassy steps:

① Send an email to with your desired performance date and location.

② Upon confirmation extend invitations to any guests you wish to attend.

③ Shine your shoes and brush your hair/teeth.

£120 (This covers up to 12 human bodies) 

Every additional human body should bring £10 on the night.

“Funny, touching, macabre and ridiculous.” 
The Arts Desk (UK)

“Awesomely talented...It’s as dazzling a piece of theatre as you could hope to find in this town.” 
The Herald Sun (AUS)

Highly Commended for Best Performance Melbourne Fringe.

Nominated for Best Independent Production at The Melbourne Green Room Awards.

Nominated for the Bank SA Innovation Award at Adelaide Fringe.


The Lounge Room Confabulators

Multi award winning theatre in the intimacy of your own home.

"Their show is dark, like an adult fairytale. And like all the best fairytales, it begins in the place you thought safest, showing that the familiar can also be scary and wonderful – full of hope, and also full of sorrow."
The List

"They are by turns funny, touching, macabre and ridiculous, and if you loved being read to as a child or storytelling hour at school, this is for you"
The Arts Desk

"The Lounge Room Confabulators are masters of their craft"



The Lounge Room Confabulators
South Terrace, Wed Feb 29
The Bat And The Dove: A Love Story is just one of the brief tales the Confabulators will bring to your lounge room. Touching, macabre, humorous and absurd, these tales are a joy. The Confabulators are Anderson and Finn, twin brothers who are orphaned and destitute and they warn you up front that they tell short tales with shit endings. The endings often catch you by surprise, but they are never shit. Told in story and song, with quirky props from decades past, the stories wind in and out of each other with characters that pop up then disappear only to reappear and (often) meet a grisly end. The Lounge Room Confabulators are sold out, but if you can bribe your way into someone’s lounge room to catch them you will be entertained, delighted, charmed and provoked, in the best possible way. My pick of the Fringe so far.
Final Word: Unmissable!
Lynette Washington
The Lounge Room Confabulators perform in your lounge room until Sun Mar 4.


★★★★ from The List

Lounge Room Confabulators

Aussie troubadours paying home visits

‘Hello! It’s the Lounge Room Confabulators.’ A voice chimes cheerily through the intercom. The Confabulators – a pair of bearded Australians in Del Monte suits who will be performing an hour-long storytelling show in my home – ascend the stairwell playing music from a battered radio. Once arrived in my living room they produce a guitar, a ukelele and a selection of budget puppets (mostly Lego figures) before a crowd of a dozen friends who sit wide-eyed and expectant like kids in front of a Saturday morning TV show.
There are songs, which are sad and beautiful; sexy moments, including a disturbing sequence in a morgue; and a series of gory tales centring around a desperate woman taking occult measures to save her husband from ‘goat cancer’. It’s a packed programme that becomes a little hard to follow. But it’s very funny in parts, and touchingly melancholy in others.
It’s the Confabulators’ use of context that makes this magical. Their show is dark, like an adult fairytale. And like all the best fairytales, it begins in the place you thought safest, showing that the familiar can also be scary and wonderful – full of hope, and also full of sorrow.
Your Lounge, Where You Live, 0844 545 8252, until 29 Aug, 6pm & 9pm, £12–£14 per person (minimum 10 person booking).

Written by: Jonny Ensall


4 Stars from The Arts Desk

Lounge Room Confabulators ★★★★

Imagine that Tim Burton, or some other great modern-day storyteller of your choice, knocks at your door and asks if he can come into your living room for an hour to tell some fantastical stories. You would get some beers in and friends around pronto, right? Well, the Lounge Room Confabulators, a duo from Australia who tell stories in the Burton style of weird and dark, do just that – turn up on your doorstep and then perform in your front room, your garden or your office, wherever you have space for 10 or more people.
It starts with a rug called Keith, who is due respect, for he provides the stage for Stuart Bowden and Will Greenway, a pair of Australian troubadours who enter with an old-fashioned suitcase full of tales and funny little props, including tiny figurines and miniature gardens and houses.
The duo tell us they are two brothers of a dead mother, and with the aid of said props, guitar and ukulele, tell tales, tall and short - about two brothers trapped down a well, a woman seeking a cure for her husband's illness, a farting possum and a man-eating mouse. They are by turns funny, touching, macabre and ridiculous, and if you loved being read to as a child or storytelling hour at school, this is for you. Until 29 August

Written by Veronica Lee